The ExcreMENTAL Philosopher

“As children, we have all suspected it: perhaps we are all, moving strangely beneath the sky, victims of a trap, a joke whose secret we will one day know…

Only a few of us, amid the great fabrications of society, hang on to our really childish reactions, still wonder naively what we are doing on the earth and what sort of joke is being played on us. We want to decipher the skies and paintings, go behind these starry backgrounds or these painted canvases and, like little kids trying to find a gap in a fence, try to look through the cracks in the world.”

Georges Bataille, The Cruel Practice of Art  (1949)

Referred to as the excremental philosopher, Georges Bataille writes about stepping outside the social norms and accepted behaviours of society. He celebrates base materialism, the low and the dirty without trying to elevate its status.

This is what I aim to do within my performances. To allow the base and the low to communicate without elevation or idealisation, to step outside the norms of behaviour and explore what can happen when one allows oneself this freedom.

Because of this disregard for accepted modes of behaviour, performance artists often seem slightly unhinged. As I embark on this journey of artistic discovery I am prepared to put my dignity and sanity aside. It’s all in the name of art.

That’s my excuse anyway.