Irreversible changes

Eggs, Egg Timer, Sawdust, Paper Bag, Pink Shoes, Teapot, Tea Cup, Rabbit Pelts, Lemon Curd, Felt Rabbit Ears, Wool

(Picture to follow soon)

I remember reading (but can’t remember where) about the idea of actions and process that produce irreversible changes. Specifically the example of a man walking in a sand pit filled with white sand in one half and black sand in the other; he walks in a clockwise direction mixing the sand together creating an even grey mix. He then walks in an anti-clockwise direction, reversing the action, but no matter how long he walks he cannot separate the white sand from the black sand and return them to their original halves.

Violence and tenderness, wildness and civilised behaviour, human animal and non-human animal, these were the things I was thinking about as I performed.

Smashing an egg, trying to re-place the contents back into the shell, smearing lemon curd on the wall and my face, walking in circles, scattering sawdust, making a nest, destroying a nest, slipping in egg and lemon curd, burying eggs in sawdust, wrapping a teacup in fur and wool, concealing, revealing, cycles, changes.

Irreversible changes…

to the materials and to myself.

The world didn’t end on Saturday.

The Sun still rose today.

I wonder if it will tomorrow.

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