One Wet Wednesday

Last Wednesday I ran a performance workshop for the D-AiR Performance Platform assisted by the lovely and exuberant Morgan Cahn. Despite the drizzly weather we boldly left the HMC and took to the streets to explore our relationships to the city and one another.

This workshop was intended to allow the participants to explore the familiar city and how they inhabit it in a new and bodily way; hopefully raising questions and bringing new insight into how we dwell in the city in our everyday lives. It also explored the way we relate to other beings in the city and what it means to share space.

I was please to receive a lot of positive feedback from the group, who all seemed to enjoy themselves and who hopefully got something out of the exercise.  I was extremely moved by how everyone seemed to really commit to the scenarios I proposed. I know from attending workshops in public spaces myself that it can be a little daunting to step outside the realm of ‘acceptable’ behaviour especially when there are passers by who bear witness to your actions but I was glad that no one participating felt they had been pushed too far.

Here are just some of the images captured of the workshop.

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