The Zoomancer

The Zoomancer

Xero, Kline & Coma, London 11th-26th Jan 2014

A time of change is upon us
The path to the future is shrouded in mist
Through the mist walk creatures five
Tonight we shall call upon them to guide us toward possible futures which may benefit us all.

The White Stag


A creature of the glen, the guide between the spirit world and this one.
A prey animal, hunted by beast and man alike.
This card hints at destruction, complacency and chaos,
But also majesty, purity and strength.
A beloved icon of the countryside, this creature represents the present.

The Wolf


A creature of the mountains.
A predator, likened to the devil.
This card hints at risk, danger and fear,
But also order, cooperation and compromise.
A misunderstood storybook villain, this creature represents the past.

The Lynx


A creature of the forest.
A secretive predator.
This card hints at change, uncertainty and adaption
But also attraction, charisma and balance.
A sharp eyed shadow , this creature looks to the future.
The Sheep


A creature of the field.
A prey animal with a fear of change.
This card hints at worry, repression and hesitation,
But also of innocence, safety and community.
A follower of the flock, this creature is a pawn in the great game.

The Two Headed Man


A creature of the city, though he hears the call of the mountain.
A predator grown from prey.
This card represents conflict, power and hate
But also reason, morality and compassion.
Trapped between the domestic and the wild, this creature dominates the other four.

This performance will take place on the opening night from 7-9pm.

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