Training a puppy is hard work and is a process that will go on throughout it’s life, however this is not a one way process but a co-evolving of two beings over a lifetime.

The aim of training Loki is not to create a master -subordinate relationship but to allow Loki to move safely through the human world. Through training we are building trust and understanding as he learns what I need from him and I learn what he needs from me.

Loki has picked up a lot of directions quickly. He understands ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ and ‘wait’ as well as the more fun, ‘shake’, ‘high five’ and ‘touch’. He is improving at learning to ‘leave it’ but still insists on climbing on tables, and will frequently ignore my request for him to stay on the ‘floor’.

Loki is also teaching me directions. If he wants attention he will come and sit in front of me and make eye contact and if he wants to play he will bring me his toy, he also has a wide variety of behaviours that I am learning to read. Often restless, naughty behaviour is due to tiredness as he is still learning to switch off.

We also take Loki to dog training classes. This gives him an opportunity to meet other dogs of a similar age and for us to learn ways of communicating with him.



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