Working across several mediums including performance and installation, I create work drawing on and subverting our everyday experiences of the environment and examining social ecologies and human/nature relationships. My work investigates notions of wildness and draws heavily on my research into conservation and rewilding initiatives in Scotland and across the UK. I am particularly interested in human/wildlife conflicts and how our current relationships to the landscape and the creatures we share it with helps or hinders the ecology of our habitats. I am also interested in the boundaries; physical, mental and social, we construct to attempt to separate ourselves from nature and in the in-between; the gaps between these boundaries, the liminal spaces between the conscious and unconscious, nature and culture, human and animal.

*The title of this blog is borrowed from Emma Cocker’s article in Art and Research Journal Moves Towards the Incomprehensible Wild. This phrase frames both the subject of my work and my working process, however I was compelled to change ‘the’ to ‘an’ to reflect the myriad of possible meanings of wild/wildness/wilderness.

One thought on “About

  1. G&G says:

    Wow! Fred doesn’t understand this, does Andrew?
    Seriously, we feel that you have expressed yourself well. Good luck and all the best with your show. Wish we could be there.xxxxxx G&G

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