AiR: Attenborough Nature Reserve

From September 2014 until September 2016 I will be undertaking a residency with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust at Attenborough Nature Reserve. Alongside this residency I will be studying for an MA at York St John University.

A former gravel quarry, Attenborough Nature Reserve lies just to the south of Nottingham city centre in the village of Attenborough. The reserve was established in 1966 and has continued to be developed since that time to create new habitats for birds and other wildlife. With the processing plant still active at the north end of site, barges can be seen regularly transporting gravel through the network of ponds and islands which have been formed by the material left over from the gravel processing.

Over the course of the residency I will be responding to this site and others across Nottinghamshire to produce artworks and events which explore nature and conservation. I will be posting my progress and outcomes of the project on this page and in the main blog stream.

Coffee & Con(ser)v(ers)ation

As part of my research into the site I am hosting a series of Coffee & Con(ser)v(ers)ation events to consider our relationships with wildlife and the relationships between industry and nature at Attenborough and beyond. These public events will invite participants to engage in discussion surrounding the impacts industry has on nature (both positive and … Continue reading Coffee & Con(ser)v(ers)ation

Unreliable Naturalist

A performative framework for research, the Unreliable Naturalist follows in the footsteps of pioneering amateur naturalists who made substantial contributions to our knowledge of the natural world. By exploring, observing and questioning, the Unreliable Naturalist aims to encourage interest in ecological issues and engage in dialogue with experts and fellow amateurs alike. The Unreliable Naturalist … Continue reading Unreliable Naturalist

A Pebble for a Feather

Value comes in many forms. A Pebble for a Feather asks visitors to Attenborough to consider the various ways we value nature. A simple exchange opens up discussion about money, land, ownership, freedom, restoration, sustainability, community and much more.

Create16 exhibition

My recent work as Artist in Residence at Attenborough Nature Reserve focused on relationships between nature and industry. This manifested as several participatory and dialogical works which aimed to open up conversation and critical discussion about the heritage of the site as well as the conservation and habitat restoration that has taken place there. A former gravel quarry just … Continue reading Create16 exhibition

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