Create16 exhibition

My recent work as Artist in Residence at Attenborough Nature Reserve focused on relationships between nature and industry. This manifested as several participatory and dialogical works which aimed to open up conversation and critical discussion about the heritage of the site as well as the conservation and habitat restoration that has taken place there.
A former gravel quarry just outside of Nottingham, Attenborough is managed by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and provides vital wetland habitats for many rare species. These works respond to the growing coffee culture at Attenborough, where the cafe and shop have become some visitors primary reason for visiting the reserve.
Over the course of the residency I created scenarios which employ ‘dialogic objects’ to encourage deeper engagement with my research topics; for example, Coffee & Con(ser)v(ers)ation events in which a tea set made in collaboration with ceramicist Beccy Ridsdel, provides a catalyst for discussion around conservation issues at Attenborough including invasive species and the ongoing relationship of the reserve to the quarry company, Cemex.
In mapping seen and unseen features of the landscape and questioning notions of value and the monetisation of the environment, these pieces invite engagement with the discourse surrounding industry and ecology, and aim to inspire a deeper understanding of the complex connections between the two.
– Text for Create16

Coffee & Con(ser)v(ers)ation tea set, 2016, white stoneware clay, digitally printed ceramic decals made in collaboration with ceramicist Beccy Ridsdel

Stratum, 2016, layered coffee table, lasercut acrylic, birch plywood, steel

A Pebble for a Feather, 2015, brass scales, pebble, feather, gold pebbles, feather badges