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  The rivers have shaped the city and are shaped by the city in return. Although in constant flux, rising and falling, the water quietly makes its way through the city, under bridges and past landmarks. Floods creep over concrete borders and seep into our lives, hiding the streets and fields, invading homes and businesses. … Continue reading Watermark


  An interactive exhibition exploring mesh objects and animal representations, York St John Exhibition Space, 2017.

Mappa Mundi//Mutatis Mundi

Does Live Art Have To Be Experienced Live? was a four day festival of performance and live art encompassing everything from dancing to painting, story reading to pot luck lunches. The event was curated by Morgan Cahn at SOIL Gallery in Seattle and ran concurrently with the Seattle Art Fair.  I presented a series of … Continue reading Mappa Mundi//Mutatis Mundi

Adaptive Capacity

The ability of a system to adjust to climate change, to moderate potential damages, to take advantage of opportunities, or to cope with the consequences. How do we live with a problem as formidable as climate change? When bombarded with facts, figures and depressing statistics it can be difficult to comprehend what we are facing … Continue reading Adaptive Capacity


Stratum, 2016, laser cut acrylic, birch plywood, steel A layered map for conversations around landscape, ecology and industry. Each layer maps a different component of Nottinghamshire’s ecological and industrial landscape, different layers can be combined in order provoke conversations around nature/industry relationships in the county.

Confluence: York Open Studios

“An exhibition of stimulating and thoughtful performance based artwork exploring how the rivers of York have shaped the city. Through a process of performance research, Beth explores environmental issues and human-nature relationships. This new body of work considers how York’s rivers have been important to the heritage, industrial development and leisure activities of the city … Continue reading Confluence: York Open Studios

Confluence: Flood drawing

  River rain Soaking, Puddling. The ink meets the surface. Wet or dry. Quickly drunk in, absorbed into the fibres. Held by the water, seeping, spreading, bleeding The surface buckles, A paper landscape of hills and valleys. Mapping. Marking. Watercourses, towns, forests, reduced to colour Rippling from the tube, Billowing across the paper. Meeting, Mixing, … Continue reading Confluence: Flood drawing