The rivers have shaped the city and are shaped by the city in return.

Although in constant flux, rising and falling, the water quietly makes its way through the city, under bridges and past landmarks.

Floods creep over concrete borders and seep into our lives, hiding the streets and fields, invading homes and businesses.

Yet as much as they cover they also reveal, in the stories and pictures connecting York’s population through time. An experience shared through history; anticipated but always unexpected.

As it recedes, the water leaves its mark on the city and the people.

A record, a wound, a badge of honour.

Watermark, 2016,

Artist’s book on waterproof paper with hydrochromic ink (viewed both dry and underwater)

Watermark II, 2016

5 framed, layered prints

River Bed: 5 (White) Stones, 2016

Steel frame, canvas fabric, sailing rope, river water, silt, 5 pale stones

With thanks to the Explore York Image Archive.