Online Journal MA


As part of my Practice in Context module for my MA in Fine Arts at York St John, I am keeping an online journal about the progress of my work and my practice as research. In this journal I consider several different contexts in which my practice operates, from where my work sits in relation to other artists to the different philosophies and issues it deals with, as well as the physicality of the work itself and where it is made and shown. It also documents and reflects on public exhibitions I have been involved with over the past year. The content of these pages act as a record of my process, as a tool for reflection and dissemination and also as a work in progress as I figure out how I might best use this journaling method in my future research.

I employ various types of documentation and reflection in this journal, including photographic documentation, diagrams/mind maps and text in order to reflect my working process.



Evolution of a tea set

This tea set was designed to be a catalyst for conversation as part of a curated event looking into nature and industry at Attenborough Nature Reserve. The idea developed from a place mat made from my initial sketches (which was used at the first Coffee & Con(ser)v(ers)ation event), to a layered ceramic cup and saucer … Continue reading Evolution of a tea set

Confluence: research

Confluence – a flowing together, a meeting point, a blending, a merging, a collaboration. The rivers of York have shaped the city and are shaped by the city in return. This body of research explores various aspects of the rivers ecology, history and cultural significance. Emerging Contaminants – performance action responding to initial conversation with … Continue reading Confluence: research

Siting my practice

“When art is located outside the gallery, the parameters that define it are called into question and all sorts of new possibilities for thinking about the relationship between art and architecture are opened up. Art has to engage with the kinds of restraints and controls to which only architecture is usually subject. In many public … Continue reading Siting my practice

Glasgow International 2016

  I visited Glasgow International on the opening weekend this year with the uni trip. Though as it was impossible to make it to everything I wanted to see I was able to spend a good amount of time at exhibitions that I did get to; which in the end was far more enriching for … Continue reading Glasgow International 2016

Reading list

A list of books and online resources, articles and texts that have informed my work over the course of this module. Books Brown, A. (2014). Art and Ecology Now. London: Thames & Hudson. Coupe, L. (Ed.). (2000). The Green Studies Reader: from Romanticism to Ecocriticism. London: Routledge. Gray, C., & Malins , J. (2004). Visualising … Continue reading Reading list


A glossary of terms which relate to my practice, with a brief overview of relevant ideas or debates and an outline of my usage of these terms in relation to my work.