Some information about previous work. Larger projects can be found on the main menu.

Burrow: Under Construction

In response to the waterfront development currently taking place in Dundee, the rabbit Ostara ventured out into the displaced city in an attempt to find a her home amongst the turmoil. Her interventions into the building sites and marked spaces along the waterfront led to the development of Burrow: Under Construction, a performance and installation … Continue reading Burrow: Under Construction

Urban Animal

Urban Animal is an ongoing investigation into animals that dwell in the city. This research has manifested as various works in exhibtions and events across Dundee and beyond; including May Meet in Mutual, Dundee Live and Performing Worlds

Bleeding Hart

A ritual ‘cave painting’ for the hunting season, depicting a prize stag and the target for a ‘kill shot’, performed at a Yuk’n’Yum zine launch at GENERATORprojects 2013.

Consider a Bard

An English woman, an American woman and a Scotsman: Consider a Bard. For their Burns Supper 2013 myself and Morgan Cahn were invited by Hospitalfields and GENERATORprojects to make performances considering Robert Burns. Morgan spent the evening learning about the Bard from books and conversation, while I reimagined some of Rabbie’s famous works by writing … Continue reading Consider a Bard

The Terminal

The Terminal was a 3 day durational performance event held in London in October 2013. The project was curated by Something Human for PUSH 2013. As one of the artists who checked in to The Terminal, my project involved a becoming-cow to explore the conditions in which animals are transported. Stripped of my papers (and … Continue reading The Terminal

The Hunt

A hunting horn sounds. A mournful tone. The slow considered stalking of the prey, prey that lays already motionless, dead on the ground. A gun A bow A knife A cut A mark Anointing sweating brow. A raised heart beat. A rite of passage from the distant past. But now the urgency has gone, the … Continue reading The Hunt

Liminal Bodies

Liminal Bodies was a four day workshop facilitated by Poppy Jackson and hosted at ]performance s p a c e [ in London. It brought together artists working with body based performance and notions of borderless-ness, liminality and transience. a) through adopting/ embodying the affects of the Other. E.g through a becoming b) by working … Continue reading Liminal Bodies

Yer Dug’s Deed

What becomes of a body without organs? Taking a dead chicken for a walk through the streets of Dundee. Photos courtesy of Holly Keasey

A Cut A Scratch A Score

A Cut A Scratch A Score: a comic opera in three parts. This collaborative project took place at the Cooper Gallery, Dundee in October 2011 and will continue at the RCA in 2012. Bruce McLean, Sam Belinfante and David Barnett worked alongside other artists, musicians and writers over a week of open rehearsals, public salons … Continue reading A Cut A Scratch A Score

The Story Collector

Tell me your story…. Orkney has a rich tradition of storytelling. The island’s folklore emerged from the landscape and the experiences of the people who told their stories around the fireside. They are stories of magic and mystery, tales of monsters and heroes and creatures who can transform from human to animal, manipulate time and … Continue reading The Story Collector

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