A Cut A Scratch A Score

A Cut A Scratch A Score: a comic opera in three parts.

This collaborative project took place at the Cooper Gallery, Dundee in October 2011 and will continue at the RCA in 2012.

Bruce McLean, Sam Belinfante and David Barnett worked alongside other artists, musicians and writers over a week of open rehearsals, public salons and discussions to create a comic opera inspired by the DC Thomson comic book characters. Throughout the week I worked on the Libretto, which manifested as several working copies acting as script, document and performance. During the culminating performance my Libretto was projected onto the wall as I typed live. The other performers used this as a script or cue, at times singing the words I wrote as I added to the piece by describing the live action of each scene.

Photos courtesy of Ross Fraser McLean and Cooper Gallery DJCAD

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