Liminal Bodies

Liminal Bodies was a four day workshop facilitated by Poppy Jackson and hosted at ]performance s p a c e [ in London. It brought together artists working with body based performance and notions of borderless-ness, liminality and transience.

  1. a) through adopting/ embodying the affects of the Other. E.g through a becoming
  2. b) by working in a space that is itself a liminal space or place of transit g. a bus stop, tube station hotel etc or by staying in constant motion/travel
  3. Respond to my surroundings intuitively
  4. Violent stillness
  5. One thing that borderless-ness is to me is the freedom to ignore social norms
  6. create a meditative state in order to connect bodily to my surroundings.

Spit… an abject substance, once part of the subject becomes alien when ejected from it. Georges Bataille in his passage on the informe (formless) says that the formless is “something like spit or a spider”. the physical characteristics of spit are also liminal, being a viscous substance neither solid or liquid which clings to us as though a being in itself.