The Story Collector

Tell me your story….

Orkney has a rich tradition of storytelling. The island’s folklore emerged from the landscape and the experiences of the people who told their stories around the fireside. They are stories of magic and mystery, tales of monsters and heroes and creatures who can transform from human to animal, manipulate time and space and even alter the landscape. These stories served as moral guidance and explanation of unusual occurrences and they connected the people to their landscape and the animals they shared it with.

Nowadays we may not gather around a peat fire but we still tell stories; be it to our friends over a pint or our families over dinner. We still find inspiration in the landscape to write epic prose and jaunty limerick and these stories still have a profound effect on  our interactions with and feelings towards the places we live.

Deeply interested in how storytelling can influence our relationships with the landscape and animals we live with, I have travelled to Orkney to learn about the oral tradition of storytelling and engage with the landscape through the stories of the people who live there. During my visit I will be collecting stories about Orkney, researching its rich history and folklore and creating my own stories from the experiences I have.

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