Day 9 – In Stitches

Today I hopped on a bus to St Margaret’s Hope to meet up with Jo who I had first met last week and who was working on Orkneys contribution to the Great Tapestry of Scotland. She had very kindly offered me a stitch lesson to help me with my Selkie Cloak.

The journey was lovely taking me over the Churchill Barriers; a series of causeways built during WW2 that link the mainland to the south islands. The views were stunning (as I have found is true with most of Orkney) and it was fascinating to see the rusting hulls of the block ships that were sunk in WW1 rising eerily from the sea. Jo met me in St Margaret’s Hope and took me to her house where I met her gorgeous dog Floss and her friend Kathy who was also benefiting from Jo’s expertise. After lunch and a coffee we spent the afternoon chatting and stitching and making a fuss of Floss. I learned stem stitch, satin stitch and french knots (although the attempt at ladder stitch was unsuccessful) and I came away with lots of ideas for the Selkie Cloak.

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