The Wild Project

In August 2013 I undertook a two week residency in the Czech Republic as part of The Wild Project. The project, organised by Alexander Stevenson, brought together 15 artists working with the topic of wild to live and work together in the scenic landscape of Zdonov, on the Polish border. Here we investigated different meanings of ‘wild’ and explored our relationships to the land through conversation and the creation of various artworks.

Since the residency we have continued to develop our work towards a series of exhibitions across the uk. Details of these can be found below.

Reintroduction: The Lynx Migrates

My work in Zdonov focused on the reintroductions of wolves and lynx in Europe and how their numbers are growing as they cross international borders and find their own suitable habitats. I worked mainly with performance, text and photography. I collaborated with Karolina Kacerova on some of the works to create performances and other works … Continue reading Reintroduction: The Lynx Migrates


Re-wilding, xero, kline & coma, London, 10th-27th January 2014 In London I showed a film piece examining the current uses of the Scottish landscape, including tourism, farming and industry which included as its narration one of the texts I had written in Zdonov. I also created a new performative work, Zoomancer, which aimed to create … Continue reading Re-wilding


VERGES, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh 2nd-17th May 2014 For this exhibition I began to focus on the conflicts that have arisen from reintroducing animals. I used the Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean as a case study for the kinds of issues that can arise from the return of a species. The work entitled … Continue reading Verges

The Wild Project at Primary

In July 2014 members of The Wild Project spent a week at Primary in Nottingham, working towards an exibition of new work. For this I created a series of heraldic flags to represent four victims of human/animal conflicts in the media at the time; wild boar, foxes, birds of prey and badgers. This sat alongside … Continue reading The Wild Project at Primary

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