Unreliable Naturalist

A performative framework for research, the Unreliable Naturalist follows in the footsteps of pioneering amateur naturalists who made substantial contributions to our knowledge of the natural world. By exploring, observing and questioning, the Unreliable Naturalist aims to encourage interest in ecological issues and engage in dialogue with experts and fellow amateurs alike.

The Unreliable Naturalist takes her name from the literary device of the unreliable narrator; a storyteller whose credibility is compromised. An amateur naturalist may be seen to have little or no credibility, they may feel they have no authority in the discourse around ecological issues and so their voices go unheard. The Unreliable Naturalist believes that this discourse is of everyones concern and so, by reclaiming amateurism and embracing neophytic imprecision, she hopes to inspire others to shed their inhibitions and join the discission.

The Unreliable Naturalist will be exploring Attenborough Nature Reserve throughout the residency period; regaining lost knowledge, learning about the wildlife that lives there, and talking to other amateur naturalists along the way.

You can follow her encounters on twitter @ACTecologyION

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